Personalized Genetic Testing In Your Own Home

With the backing of decades of research and innovation, we not only have insight into genetic testing, but we actually care. And we’re here to make sure your access to the benefits of genetic testing research has never been easier or more accurate than now. Learn more about the tests below and purchase the ones that are right for you.

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X or Y Early Gender Test

Give your baby a healthy head start.

Knowing if it’s a boy or girl is important for early prenatal bonding, which supports healthy baby development. With X or Y, you can know as early as 9 weeks pregnancy from the safety and comfort of your own home–with over 98% accuracy! (Based on controlled laboratory setting studies)

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Paternal ID

DNA proof of relationship.

Put your questions to rest with the only paternity test you’ll need. Trusted results, 100% accurate, and completely affordable.