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Gender Prediction Myths

Boy or Girl? Don’t waste your time on cheap/DYI methods that “claim” to predict the gender of your baby early, but aren’t actually based in science. We’ve compiled a non exhaustive list of these gender prediction myths below.

  • The Ring Test: If you hang a ring over your belly and it swings from side to side, you’re carrying a boy. If it swings in a circular motion, you’re carrying a girl.
  • Pregnancy Glow, or No?: You’re carrying a boy if you have a bright complexion.
  • Garlic Test: If you consume a lot of garlic–and like it–you’re carrying a girl.
  • Partner’s Weight Gain: If your partner seems to be adding pounds like they’re also pregnant, you’re carrying a girl.
  • Blood Pressure Before Conception: Higher blood pressure 26 weeks before conception means a greater likelihood for a boy.
  • Heart Rate: If your baby’s heart rate during ultrasound is faster than 140 beats per minute, you’re carrying a girl.
  • Moody versus Mellow: If you’re moody, you’re carrying a girl. If mellow, boy.
  • Sweet versus Salty: If you crave sweets, you’re carrying a girl. If you crave salts and proteins, you’re carrying a boy.
  • The Eye Test: If the pupils in your eyes are dilating, you’re carrying a boy.
  • Chinese Gender Chart: A big chart with dates that indicate whether you’re carrying a boy or girl, based on your month of conception and mother’s age.
  • Carrying High versus Low: If you look south and are carrying high, you’re carrying a girl. If low, boy.
  • Morning Sickness: Excessive nausea and morning sickness means you’re carry a girl.
  • Baking Soda: Place your urine into a clear container containing two tablespoons of baking soda. If it fizzes, it means you’re carrying a boy, if not, girl.

X or Y is different than any of the gender prediction myths listed above. It’s based on real science. Order your kit here, or read more about why accurate early gender detection matters to you.