FAQ – X or Y – Process


What is the process from start to finish for finding out if I’m having a boy or girl?

1. Order the X or Y Early Gender Test online
2. Receive your collection kit in the mail
3. Confirm your eligible testing date through our eligibility calculator
4. Collect a small finger-prick blood sample in the convenience of your home
5. Send your sample back to our laboratory
6. Get the exciting news of “It’s a BOY” or “It’s a GIRL” just 3-5 business days later!

How does the test work with twins?

Since the test only detects the presence of Y (male) Chromosomes, if you receive a “Girl” result, it means that both babies will be girls. If you receive a “Boy” result, it means that one or both babies are boys.

How is X or Y Early Gender Testing done?

The X or Y Early Gender Test offers parents-to-be with an accurate, non-diagnostic gender determination at 9 weeks pregnancy (7 weeks post conception) through a DNA based, minimally invasive procedure that can be administered in the comfort and safety of your home, without any adverse risk to a mother-to-be or baby.

The X or Y Early Gender Test kit consists of alcohol swabs to clean the finger, lancets to prick the finger, and a FTA collection card for preservation of a few drops of blood. The completed kit is mailed to the X or Y laboratory for processing, then undergoes a very sensitive, quantitative PCR assay process targeting multi-copy Y-chromosome-specific loci (see research section for more detail).

Learn why early gender detection is important here, or order X or Y Early Gender Test here.