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X or Y Early Gender Test - Refund Form

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In our unrelenting quest to provide customers with outstanding services on many levels, on rare occasion, a result from a different gender detection test or birth comes into conflict with the X or Y Early Gender Test outcome, likely due to various scenarios listed here. In the *rare* instance of an incorrect result, we provide prompt and full refunds (including shipping) based on the documentation listed below:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Amniocentesis
  • DNA Sequencing

  • Note that because ultrasound is not considered to be 99.9% accurate by health professionals, we can only provide retests based on an 18 Week (or later) Ultrasound documentation. If the retest outcome is found to be different than the original result, a refund will be immediately issued.

    A refund cannot be issued if you signed a waiver (Early Sample Collection, Insufficient Sample, Missing Pouch, Males Present), or if the name on the documentation is different than the one used to sign the DNA consent form.

    Please ensure this is a valid email. Invalid emails will delay refund processing.
    Can be found on your Result Email. Please ensure this Case Number is valid. An incorrect Case Number will delay refund processing.
    Ensure the following information is clearly legible: 1) Company / Hospital Name, 2) Tester's Name, 3) Sex of Baby
    Optional Additional Documentation