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98% accuracy¹ –  Find out if you’re carrying a boy or girl as soon as 9 weeks pregnancy – from the comfort of your own home! The non-invasive test works by collecting just a fingerprick’s worth of blood, which is then sent to our labs for your result! (See product images to view kit contents) Learn more

Each blood sample is processed by world-class PhD scientists. And unlike other early gender test services that test your sample only once, the X or Y Early Gender Test is the only accurate gender blood test that processes blood samples multiple times, and uses two proprietary biomarkers instead of just one (it’s like testing with two different companies), which ensures the quality of your result.

Give your baby a healthy head start, and give yourself peace of mind with time to prepare for your baby’s arrival!

Our Standard kit package arrives in 2 – 3 days and includes 5 Business Day Lab Processing (starting from when the lab receives your fingerprick sample). Return shipping included for Express and Super Express options.

We highly recommend purchasing in advance so you are ready to use as soon as you’re eligible. Use our Eligibility Calculator

Note: If you are planning a time sensitive gender reveal event, we highly recommend selecting the Super Express Lab Service option in case of unforeseen US Postal Service shipping delays.

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Many gender predictor methods claim to reveal the gender of your baby, but most are inaccurate and/or not based on actual science.

The X or Y Early Gender Test is different. Based on actual scientific research, it’s the most accurate, non invasive DNA gender prediction test available worldwide that you can use from the comfort of your own home.

Give yourself the peace of mind and preparation time, and give your baby bonds the healthy head start that X or Y allows with the earliest and most accurate method of prenatal gender determination – 63 days before ultrasound.

We highly recommend purchasing in advance so you are ready to use as soon as you’re eligible.

Special precautions must be exercised to avoid test contamination. See the info below or the FAQ section or package instructions for more detail.

How does the test work with twins?

Since the test only detects the presence of Y (male) Chromosomes, if you receive a “Girl” result, it means that both babies will be girls. If you receive a “Boy” result, it means that one or both babies are boys.

X or Y Early Gender Test: Is It Right for Me?

A naturally important question to ask is “Is the DNA based, X or Y Early Gender Test right for me?” There are several factors that will help determine whether X or Y Early Gender Test is right for you. In order to provide you with the most accurate results review the following criteria:

Are you at least nine (9) weeks pregnant?
Recent discoveries in science has proven that there is fetal DNA in a mother’s blood as soon as five weeks into her pregnancy. HOWEVER, the X or Y Early Gender Test requires that you take this test nine (9) weeks after the first day of your last menstrual period to be eligible for our money back guarantee. Optionally you can select the X or Y test at eight (8) weeks, but we require a waiver to be signed. Click Here to calculate your X or Y Eligibility Date.

If we have determined you are not 9 weeks from the first day of your last menstrual period, we cannot run your test (unless a waiver is signed). It is imperative that you take our test at the eligible time. Please see our Refund Policy for more information.

Have you had a recent blood transfusion?
Blood that did not originate from the mother or her fetus can affect the results of the X or Y Early Gender Test. If a woman recently had a blood transfusion, we do not recommend taking the X or Y Early Gender Test.

Did you recently have an abortion or a miscarriage?
If you recently had a miscarriage or had to terminate your previous pregnancy, we recommend that you wait THREE (3) months post Dilation and Cutterage (D&C). There still may be residual fetal DNA from your previous pregnancy that may affect your test results.

Have you ever in your life had a bone marrow transplant from a male?
If you have had bone marrow transplant from a male donor, your marrow will have been replaced by male marrow cells. You are not eligible to take the X or Y Early Gender Test.

Note that X or Y Early Gender Test may not be right for everyone, but if it is right for you, you can learn more about how it supports the healthy development of your baby, or order here.

Are there factors that affect the accuracy of X or Y?

There are several factors which may affect the accuracy of a X or Y result. Some of these factors can be controlled and minimized by the customer and/or laboratory while others are independent factors that cannot be influenced.

Factors which could affect the accuracy of X or Y and which can be minimized:

  • Not following the directions carefully: improperly handling kit components, improperly washing hands, and not sanitizing the collection area
  • Contaminating the sample: allowing males to handle kit contents or assisting with sample collection.
  • Taking the test earlier than 7 weeks post-conception (if you wish to test earlier at 6 weeks post-conception, sign the authorization waiver for the ultra sensitive X or Y test)
  • Having a recent transfusion, miscarriage or abortion
  • Providing an insufficient blood sample
  • Leaving the sample in a hot environment

Factors which could affect the accuracy of X or Y which cannot be controlled:

  • Having a bone marrow transplant from a male donor, blood transfusions, miscarriages or abortions: our technology can detect DNA from previous male pregnancies or from male blood/marrow donors as contamination in most cases. However, there may be instances where the accuracy of our test is affected by any of these conditions.
  • Miscarriage: Women who have recently experienced a miscarriage must wait at least 3 months before they can use X or Y. If it has been at least 3 months since the miscarriage, then you are eligible to order X or Y.
  • Having naturally low levels of fetal DNA: studies have determined that up to 2.8% of women have naturally low levels of fetal DNA. While X or Y is much more sensitive than the methods used in those studies, there may still women whose levels of fetal DNA are too low even for our test to detect. This is a difficult statistic to measure but we anticipate it is less than 2%.
  • Vanishing Twin: some pregnancies begin with two (or more) fetuses but very early in the pregnancy, one of the fetuses terminates. In many cases, this occurs without the woman’s knowledge. If the “vanishing twin” is male and the remaining fetus is female, the results of X or Y may be incorrect.
  • Previously pregnant with a boy: in very rare cases (less than 1%), fetal cells may remain in the mother’s body several years after birth. Our technology can detect some of this DNA as a form of contamination, however, there may be cases where the accuracy of the test may be affected by this rare occurrence.

¹ Based on controlled laboratory setting studies using samples from 9 weeks pregnancy and older. A gender predictor accuracy study was completed in 2009 with the Fair Oaks Women’s Health Center (FOWHC) in Pasadena, California, USA.  Blood samples collected from the FOWHC were tested using our proprietary biomarker and results were released back to the Center.  A FOWHC Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer blinded from the early gender test result conducted multiple real-time ultrasound exams. FOWHC ultrasound results and early gender test results were compared at the Center and it was determined that 95% of the results of the early gender test were accurate, however controlled laboratory settings studies demonstrate 98% accuracy.
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† Processing lab is located in San Jose, California, USA.
‡ All confirmed results disclosed by 11:59 PM Pacific Time on result due date.

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