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X or Y – Boy or Girl?

Why Wonder, When You Can Know

As an expecting mother, there’s plenty to wonder about, and wondering whether you’re carrying a boy or girl can be constantly on your mind.

But what if you knew that there was a DNA grade baby gender test that could give you that answer? What if you could join the thousands of other mothers who have already received that answer using this test? What if you could try this test from the privacy, comfort, and safety of your own home? And what if you could stop wondering and start knowing as soon as 9 weeks into pregnancy?

You no longer have to wonder, because now you can know.

The The X or Y Early Gender Test is the most accurate, non invasive DNA early gender test available that you can use from the comfort of your own home – with over 98% accuracy,¹ based on controlled laboratory setting studies. Many sources claim to reveal the gender of your baby, but most are inaccurate and/or not based on actual science.² X or Y is different – it’s based on actual scientific DNA research,³ which makes it extremely reliable. Don’t risk getting a wrong result with a cheaper, hormone-based DIY kit claiming to provide instant results.

Finding out your baby’s sex is one of the most exciting steps you take during pregnancy. Give yourself the peace of mind, time to prepare, and satisfied curiosity with the most accurate, DNA based, third party verified early gender test.

How does the baby gender test work?

Using just drops of blood from a light finger-prick, the completed kit is mailed to our laboratory for processing, then undergoes very sensitive tests that reveal whether you’re carrying a boy or girl, giving you and your child a healthy head start. (More details)


¹ An accuracy study was completed in 2009 with the Fair Oaks Women’s Health Center (FOWHC) in Pasadena, California, USA.  Blood samples collected from the FOWHC were tested using our proprietary biomarker and results were released back to the Center.  A FOWHC Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer blinded from the early gender test result conducted multiple real-time ultrasound exams. FOWHC ultrasound results and early gender test results were compared at the Center and it was determined that 95% of the results of the early gender test were accurate, however controlled laboratory settings studies demonstrate 98% accuracy.
² Common early gender test myths can be found here
³ Scientific research basis for X or Y Early Gender Test can be found here

What should I do to take this test?

Steps To Use X or Y DNA Based Early Gender Test - Step 1

Steps To Use X or Y DNA Based Early Gender Test - Step 2

Steps To Use X or Y DNA Based Early Gender Test - Step 3

Steps To Use X or Y DNA Based Early Gender Test - Step 4

Note: We highly recommend purchasing ahead of time so you’re ready to use as soon as you’re eligible

Why Wonder, When You Can Know

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What customers had to say:

“Easy to use. Results were accurate based upon over 4 ultrasounds. Would recommend.”
-Erica H., CA

“I loved this service! I was so excited to find out my baby’s gender and it was completely accurate. I will definitely use this service again!!!”
-Jessica S., CA

“Excellent experience, completely accurate, will definitely recommend. It has been so exciting knowing that we now have 2 girls and 2 boys to complete our family.”
-Jennifer L., IL

“We had our baby and the results were accurate. We had a boy!!”
-Elisa R., CA

“It was quick and easy and I would definitely recommend this to anyone that wants to know the sex of their baby right away. Thanks!”
-Gina R., CA

“Despite the first test being inconclusive, we are very happy with the experience. It was so exciting knowing we were having a boy so early in our (first) pregnancy!”
-Kristi S., PA

“I found out via ultrasound @ 7 weeks that I was pregnant with identical twins. I called your customer service or sales department to find out if I could use the kit for identical twins. I ordered online & got my results at 10 weeks. I found out that I was expecting my 3rd & 4th boys! I am so happy with your product I’ve told everyone I know about it! Getting an early start on (blue) baby shopping is well worth the price of your kit. I am a happy customer!”
-Cristin K., CA

Why Wonder, When You Can Know